Play Leaders

Nicol Mere play leaders are an amazing group of children who, alongside our wonderful lunchtime staff, take care of dinner time play ensuring that everyone is happy, safe and having fun. 

The junior play leaders from KS2 have taken part in training with Mrs Brown on how to use the equipment and facilitate other children in play. Their responsibilities include: getting equipment out and putting it away, keeping the container ordered and tidy, keeping the playground safe for children by checking for obstacles, looking out for children who may be lonely and encouraging them to play. 

The play leaders acquire lots of useful skills along the way. These skills include: learning to be organised and lead other children, good communication, co-operation, safety awareness and tolerance. They gain self-confidence and a feeling of achievement. 

Play Leader Awards

We have three awards for the play leaders. The children receive certificates for the completion of booklets and activities supervised on the playground. 

The play leaders are also rewarded for their work on a weekly and monthly basis. Prizes are given for play leader of the week and play leader of the month when they follow school values and follow the play leader code of conduct. 

The play leaders have also created their own reward system for other children on the playground. They give play leader points when children show kindness, helpfulness or determination during play. At the end of the term, the children with the most points win prizes. 

Often, ideas for the play leaders come from the children themselves. They know best what other children like to play, so they are included in choosing equipment. Play leaders often also invent their own games, and some of them have been very successful! 

At Nicol Mere, the play leaders are very valuable. Lunch times would not be the same without them! 

If you would like to be involved in the play leader team, speak to Mrs Brown.